Our Portfolio


Mobile Device Exploitation

Developed an end-to-end system used to ingest, process, analyze, and visualize billions of records a day representing location information from millions of distinct mobile devices. Highlights include rapid search and retrieval, device classification (occupation, age, gender, etc), pattern of life analysis, identifying known associates, building classification (residential vs commercial, occupancy, etc), and anomaly detection.


Risk Analysis and Alerting

Developed a web based application to visualize threats and risks to corporate facilities and other sensitive infrastructure for Fortune 500 companies. The application relied on a number of data feeds including social media, crime reports, weather data, and mobile device location data. The mobile device data was particularly interesting and was used to monitor and visualize the mass migration of refugees from Syria into Europe.

Global Grid

Modeling the World with Hexes


Web Scraping and Entity Extraction (People, Places, Events, etc)